I spent the day from 0730 to 1715 at the youngest s home as he is having his bathroom floor replaced and the tub re-caulked and some new flooring laid down..a pretty slate looking linoleum. They got the worst done today and tomorrow I will be there but fromn 0830 onward.  Then, when the youngest arrives home after work, the man who is fitting the lino onto the floor will be there and I can go home.  Thursday has them doing the plumbing.  Then, he’ll have a nice bathroom again.

I looked at my iPod an awful lot.  Read and participated a little in Face Book..did my Twitter and read my email all 3 accounts.  The little Boss was alone 10 hours and oh my word..there was a big throw up on the glass and wood coffee table.  So, I got up the barely digested food and then, cleaned the glass.  Sigh.  Got the mail, made my dinner..laid out clothes for tomorrow..and brushed Her Majesty, had my shower and here I am.

You’ll be sorry that you didn’t come with me last night for the dinner meeting.  It was causal and I had THE best meatball "grinder" I could ever hope to have.  On a soft wheat baguette there were plenty of meatballs, plenty of melted quality cheese on it, tomatoe sauce of some sort that was delicious, chopped onion and green pepper.  Mine was a half a sandwich but it was 9 inches long.  I ate every bit of it and suffered for hours.  Not used to heavy eating at night and not after 7 PM for certain.  However..good, I reckon.

So, what are YOU doing?