I knocked the bark clean off of my left knee.  ALL of the
bark too!  While I was at it, I twisted my right ankle.  I didn’t do my
right hand a lot of good as some of the bark is off that as well.

I went outside with a bag of recyclable things to go into that bin
before the recycle pick up occurred this morning.  As I walked along my
side walk, I never knew that there was a small patch of slippery mud
that had accumulated there because of the rains last night and this
morning.  My shoes abandoned me and I slipped and fell right into the
mud and onto my left knee.  My right hand tried to catch me but it only
got its back knocked off too.  But my left knee is amazingly painful.  I
came back into the house, washed it in the tub while I dangled  my left
over the side of the tub, gasped at the water hitting it..dried it with
many paper towels as it was bleeding a lot.  Applied some squirts of
Neosporin and luckily had some wide bandages left over from when I had
that knot cut out of my calf 2 summers ago.  I bled through that one BUT
I limped on into the drug store and got so
Font styleme more and a spray-on pain reliever/antiseptic.  I took off the yucky bandage,. sprayed OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   but then, after maybe 2 minutes it was better.  My ankle is another story but it will get better.

Good thing I am made of very sturdy material.  I always have been, I
always will be.  None of that middle aged stuff for me,
thankyouverymuch.  ( what I’m saying is, my always exercise and weight
program pays off sometimes) (besides being able to deck that person in
front of me in a store with their little change purse digging for

I called on my Libra Twin Beth Marie for solace and suggestions and she
had some for me soon as I got back home after limping to the store.