The house washer came today..we were finally able to agree on a time I was here- and that he could be here.  He did an absolute;y fantastic job..and he made sure the screens got cleansed too and threw in a power washing of the front porch (concrete) all for $175.00 The guys I had last year asked for $250.00 but I got them down to $225.00 which wasn’t much of an improvement.    This guy is polite to the nines..excellent work..and relatively speaking, inexpensive. I am very happy with it.

I’m still whining with the ankle but not so much with the knee.  It looks horrible but the pain has largely faded.  Not so the ankle- but it will.

Expecting the oldest tonight for supper and breakfast then he goes back to his home.  I won’t do any pampering this time..I will cook.  that’s about it.