Happy Birthday to my youngest of three sons.  Each son is a beloved treasure to me, and the best part is, they all know that.  Happy Birthday Neil.

My foot is a soft shade of lavender blue with a streak of dark blue near the sole.  It could have gotten to look a lot worse so I’m grateful for a not-too-scary coloration.  People won’t flee from me maybe that is until they see the puffiness of my entire foot.  Then they’ll go "ewwwww".

I have to change the dressing 2X a day on my knee.  That ought to be going down to once after tonight’s shower.

Miss Catt, aka the Admiral did her blog and has been keeping up with it..well..admirably.  Me, not so much.  Maybe 2 or 3 folks over at Blogspot the past several days .  So today, I decided to port over some more from my archives here.  It won’t matter, and I am, after all, trying to get them all over onto the other place.  Looking at some of the old blogs from ’05 thru most of ’07, I am saddened to see so many folks who used to be a part of our family, gone.  Some have passed away, others lost interest rather quickly and quit..some..they just forgot I think that they have a blog and some disagree with this or that and leave a certain gathering of folks for another.  I miss them but they are gone, and there is scarcely anyone left here so I cherish the ones who are. 

Spaces has changed dramatically with no rhyme or discernible reason that any of us can tell. They took away stats for no reason so we can;t see who comes to see us when they don’t comment..they took away the ability to comment unless you confine yourself to 3 lines or so.  No reason.  I know you know all this..I am just reiterating.  Again. It’s sad around here pretty much.  Face Book just doesn’t  much get it for me as I don’t play games at all, but I am grateful to see the friends I am used to here.  Just they all play games, so our exchanges are a thing of the past.

Oh well..gotta roll with it I guess.  Let me strap on my wheels.