Ah, look.  It’s Captain A.Fethur Braine poised at the curb cut at a parking lot wanting to join the traffic flow going by and find a median cut to go the other way.  Looking..looking..looking…LOOK!  There are NO cars coming at him from the opposite direction..that’s great ’cause that’s the way he wants to go..the other way.  Looking again to make sure no one is coming from the opposing traffic, Capt. A. Fethus Braine plunges intrepidly out into the traffic flow, intent on getting to that median cut and go the opposite way. 

"What the heck is THAT"!? Capt. A. Fethur Braine asks himself as the vehicle he cut in front of to enter traffic and make his turn, has to grind onto the brakes and screech to a halt to avoid a collision with the good Capt. who forgot to check the traffic flow in the lane he would be occupying for however a short space of time that may be.  Other vehicles who were minding their own business along with the unfortunate victim who happened to be passing in that area for Capt. A. Fethus Braine’s monumental lapse of common sense also have the rapid onset job of screeching to a halt to avoid collisions with one another in a domino effect.

BUT, Capt. Braine has made his illegal left turn and is serenely motoring on toward a new adventure.  His audience are holding their hearts into their chests and saying OM to calm their nerves.

All in a days work, no doubt.