Well, today a friend and I headed to the big city but we didn’t get too many miles outta town and we stopped at Grannie’s Attic.  Good grief.  There was also a place called the Picket Fence.  We were done for.  I got a quilt the size of a throw..a present for the middle son, (you can ask me in email) a bracelet real small for a real small wrist like mine with hearts made from blue stones which is like my birthstone, sapphires, and I got a crocheted 18X18 in. or so table doily-like thing.  What I’ll do is put the pictures of the haul into Face Book.  It’s easier.  I also got 10 chocolate covered potato chips for 4 dollars.  OH MY WORD!  They didn’t make it home.  Gosh, can’t take a chance on them melting!!!  Had to eat them.  I did give one to my friend who then opened hers and ate a third of them.

I have 5 (I think I am right) pictures in Flickr now that were chosen and honored for Explore.  Oh, I am thrilled.  I never see it..others point it put.  Considering 5 or 6 thousand a minute are uploaded to Flickr a  minute..it’s hard to tell unless someone knows.  Sometimes they will tell you.  That picture of Miss Catt’s paw made it to Explore.  I would never have thought so.

Anyhoo, I just said it to reinforce my desire to do better and better.  I owe any and all improvements to my son, Neil.  Without him and his gift of the close-up lens..I would never have had the courage to go manual mostly and branch out some.

See you in a few minutes.  Have to get the pictures off the memory card.