I can see Fall coming..not too far off into the distance. I can feel it. But I certainly can see it.

was looking out of the big living room window yesterday afternoon and
the sun..just the light in general is coming from a different angle. I
finally noticed that. The slant of the beams on the ground and through
the trees are all about the coming Fall and the changes of September
that will come despite the continuing heat of the day. Leaves are
getting ready to change in color and rethink their hold on life.

will be some fabulous morning fogs and have been some glorious fogs
already that herald the end of Summer. Following that there will be
frosts that will rim the fallen leaves and decorate the glass exposed to
their tendrils. A nice little ripple of a chill on your arms and back
and legs when you are stepping out of the shower during that transition
time between air conditioning and heat. I’m looking forward to it.
Pulling the sheet up to my chin..and the first dressing of the bed with
the heavy fleece blanket. The middle of the night when I reach with my
eyes still closed to pull that blanket up to my arms as well…that will
make me smile though I will be mostly asleep. I love Fall and the
crisper days and nights before it all goes to sleep for the Winter, only
to wake again in Spring.

What a full banquet table the Lord gives us..groaning with beauty and abundance.

I took this picture last Fall for your enjoyment.