Absolutely perfect out there and I got a lot done after church. I cleaned house  and the carpet is groomed as the call it when you can see the vacuum cleaner lines on it.  Looks SO good except the little Miss marks the entire carpet just by walking on those tiny feeties.  I have…and I wish I had chosen differently, a plush carpet.  Pretty to see.  Feels good ‘tween the tosies but I can see every little foot print she makes..every step in every room. Billions of little footie prints.

But I’d rather have her and her foot prints than not. 

Well, it’s a week away from football time in Tennessee and it ain’t going to be pretty. A brand new really great man personally– but we don’t know how he will do, Coach.  Coach Derek Dooley, Vince Dooley’s son..  The team is down to rags and bones in players as there are so many awful injuries already.  And..we just can’t get a QB.  Oh we have one, but he is young and not very tried yet.  And the other guys are banged up pretty well plus a new coach.  If we get 4 wins out of this entire season it will be something! 

We’re out of here! Got to read.  (((HUGS)))