Let me tell you!  I was disappointed that one of my favorite eating out places, Ruby Tuesday had revamped their menu to a more "up scale" thing.  Well, we rowdy ones who meet so often and tear up the joint we go to, were disappointed on accounta we like plain ol’ food. I love chicken fangers for example and when I git a hankerin’ for ’em..that’s what I want or we’ll know the reason why not!  So..I finished up my agenda this morning..it was 1230 and I had this inexplicable craving for chicken fingers..I mean fangers.  So I headed on over to Ruby’s, bellied up to a booth and couldn’t find them on the menu. So I dimpled and I asked my server..cute young man, if I could have chicken fingers anyway.  He assured me I could and what were the sides I wanted?  I looked at the choices and have mercy!  Grilled green beans?  What??? But–time doesn’t stand still for any redneck, so I said grilled green beans and I had cheddar mashed potatoes too.

When the order came, I hesitantly tried the grilled LONNNNG ol’ skinny green beans first.  MY WORD!  They were past delicious..they were fantastic.  The cheddar potatoes certainly were great and the tenders were..tender and delicious.  But guys, ladies and kitties..those cheddar garlic biscuits that were served too?  Hold me BACK!  I didn’t know something could taste so good.   Now I’m glad they changed their menu!  I ate and ate and as always, I’m fuller than a tick about to fall off the dog.   You have to try those grilled green beans and cheese garlic biscuits.   OH my!  That is if there’s a Ruby’s near you. 

My eyes are still rolled back in my head.  Miss Catt’s doing my blog as well as hers.