The Redneck Room.  That’s where I just came back from.  Thank ya J.

As always I had THE best time.  We were off in that huge room by ourselves again..the Redneck Room.  There were quite a few of us..all ages..working or not working i.e. retired..and LOUD..I reckon we were.  I love it like that!  The louder the better.  It comes from years of shouting into a  (hand held) radio..listening to one that was usually measured (I know) at 90 and more db.  There wasn’t a choice as the necessity of hearing it was too vital.  There was no turning levels down.  Seriously.  But as time passed one got used to loud talking no matter if in noise outside or inside until it becomes a habit.  Matter of fact. I became aware of how loudly I was talking yesterday while with my good friend at her home.  Of course she too was in the same career so she was talking loudly too.  We had a laugh.  But when the deer were there we whispered as they were so close.

What a good time when someone shows up that we haven’t seen in a while– it’s always a pleasure. That in turn occasions MORE noise and galloping around with hugs, handshakes or the like.  Then there is the important task of eating.  And lots of it.  Winning wars..those we ourselves were in, are in..heard about in—won or lost in our career and knowing that at the end of the day, we are like a family and we are loved, accepted, comfortable and happy to be with one another.  There’s no one like us..we know that and it draws us into a bond.

My favorite day.  Redneck day.