I am waiting for someone to come pick me up and we’re going to a so-called antique mall.  It’s in the next town over.  I dislike going this late in the day  (1330) as whatever cool of the morning is long gone and laughing at us. However, it was an invitation and one goes by the invitee’s timing I guess.

The weather man said that this is Tennessee’s hottest summer on record.  he also said that we here in the coverage area have had I think he said 68 days of 90+ temps which breaks the previous record for that set in 1935.  I know this..this is the first year that I have spent mostly inside after one time out while it was relatively "cool" That of course means a 100% humidity factor and temps in the high 70’s..like 78..right at the start of the day.  Ugh.  However it only got rapidly worse by 1000.So when I got home, wiped my face off and changed clothes..that was generally it.  Hate that as I don’t like being inside a long time. If me and Victoria went out, we went out 0930 or so..and were back within an hour and a half…wringing wet,  me, not her.

No lunches or dinners far as I know.  I will be on my own for that this time. 

Have you ever heard of Donerschoose.org?  I have  contributed several times to the teachers and students represented in this non profit organization.  I did so again last night,  finishing up the amount needed for a teacher and his students to get the AP books needed for the students for a course in Government.

It makes me feel like a million when I contribute to this very very worth while cause.  The kids actually write letters to you..each one of them, as well as the teacher and you get it in  snail mail.  You are also thanked in email too.  This time I choose  a Knoxville teacher and last time, one in Colorado with minority students.  That was for art supplies and the like as their budget couldn’t afford supplies.  It’s a thought for you.  Fizz did when she saw my notification in Twitter back some months ago. 

OK, whose coming with me to the mall?