Looks like the weeks end is here.  I have had one of the most ultra busy weeks I have enjoyed in a while.  Liked every bit of it.  I did enough yesterday that my ankle hurts quite a bit.  I didn’t realize it was still so on the edge of not healed.  But I know now.  I did a lot of walking yesterday..I talked about it in the other blog but I guess I will move on from that blog and start importing again from here.

I have a new recipe called potato and broccoli casserole made.  Took two hours in the oven.  If I make it again, I will make it in the slow cooker.  Less energy used if I don’t have the oven blasting at 350 for two hours and then, making a dessert bread right after..so make that 3 hours, really.

The oldest will be here after work and those are for him with smoked pork chops as well.  Nummy.

Other than all of my running around and the doe with her two fawns I told you about, that’s about it for the week.  Busy and enjoyable.