Well, I have been up for a long long time of course as I was told the tech would be here 0800-1100.  It’s after 11 so I called.  The appt. got reset to 1100-1400 and no one told me.  So I have wasted the entire morning and now the largest part of the afternoon as well here waiting.  I’ve been waiting since 9/4  when I reported the problem.  Long time to have some amount of spotty service and spotty phone service 911 included, as well as my burglar alarm system is set up via the phone.  Not to mention intermittent internet.  However he said on the phone that they would credit my account for $20.00 as they have an appt. guarantee.  I’ll let you know how that works out.  If it does, that takes away a little of the sting.

Needless to say I have been here all day..not going anywhere till he shows up. 

Glad I didn’t walk sandal footed though THIS!  I took this while at the arboretum a few days ago.