kitten heels  Here’s what they are.  There were several people who had not yet heard of them.

I and the camera have been out.  I took about 40 pics of something green eating a flower.  NO idea what it was.  I hope out of 40 pics, one at least will come out decently.  Macros require NO swaying, no nothin’ except trying your best to keep still and lower the shutter button easily with no shaking.  I know.  Get a tripod but that takes time to set up..however, it is inevitable. Money though.

I have a late Wednesday rant.  It’s still Wednesday, right?  Just the matter of 24 hours added to it but it’s Wednesday..right?  Right?  OK.  Here is my declaration if I were King (or Queen) of the realm..I would declare all those women who pop gum be put into a small metal lined room..great acoustics, and a string of firecrackers be set off so they can hear it really well.  There was a woman who went everywhere I went in a store..this was strictly coincidence..she too wanted a pair of shoes.  Her pops of gum were so loud they made me jump.  Seriously..I jumped!  Take that offender to the Chamber with a string of firecrackers!  That’s about the way she sounded.

Then there are the ones you can’t easily get away from..they work with you. You have to really think hard how to approach them so they won’t do it even more.  Add the whistlers to that.  I’d rather hear a man whistle than any woman I know.  Theirs are always shrill and discordant and make your skin crawl.  At work I don’t want to hear ANY whistles and Management should come thru and off with their heads when they do it.  The gum crackers/poppers too.

I have spoken.