I remember right where I was and exactly what I was doing this day when the terrorist attack came.  September 11th.  A peerless cloudless blue sky  above.  Sunny, pleasantly warm and I was off work for 7 days.  My long break.  I was standing in the doorway of the deck smoking.  The door was opened so as to let the smoke out while I kept an eye on the morning news.  Within minutes of turning on the TV, Diane Sawyer was telling the viewers about the accident whereby a jet flew into the WTC Tower.  While she spoke about it and they conjectured as to what happened, I watched the second jet approach.  I could see that it was headed right toward the WTC and finally Dianne noticed it.  The rest is infamous history. 

I can see that newscast as though I were watching it again..an ever present re-run.  I will never ever forget the shock.  And on my way to get my oldest son (I called to see if he still wanted to come over because I knew that would affect my work and I might be gone for hours and days unknown at the time.  He did.  On the way to his town, the first tower crumbled to the ground and the attacks on Washington DC, the Pentagon happened, and the failed attempt in Pennsylvania.  Just horror after horror unfolded before all of us as a Country. When we got home here..the streets were empty, and the businesses had sent their employees home.  No vehicles were parked by any buildings.  It was eerie.

As did many, I spent as much time as I could arrange in front of the TV watching CNN or any continuous newscast, no matter how many times it was re-told..I listened with as much attention as with the first time. 

We will never be the same because of extremist terrorists and no I don’t forgive them.