New Filter..a brand spanking new one.  First polarizing filter since the old film 35mm Minolta in the days of yore.

Thing is not as easy as you think.  One, I discovered that you need good light and you have to experiment (as I have no instructions) as to where to set your aperture.  I goofed pretty badly for 3 pictures and deleted them but did some better for the others.  Two..if it needs rotating..that’s not too good because it screws onto the regular lens and does not rotate as it were.  You screw it on till it won’t fall off and there you are. Funny it didn’t come with some sort of leaflet with thoughts on how to operate it.

I’ll keep trying plus I need to go back out about 1730 tonight to try in a different light.

I cleaned house and this time I went ahead and did the entire bathroom, tub, enclosure and all, instead of putting it off till I worked up the courage.  It’s good to have done.  Then I went out at the worst possible time for lighting that is, of the day to try out the new lens.  It rained all day and night and was cloudy till noon so I threw caution to the winds and went out anyway with the camera.  As I said earlier, I will go again this evening.

Here is ONE of the pics I took at blazing high noon.