Not my best day and if it doesn’t feel better in the morning I will call and see if the Dr. can see me.  I feel like I need to be fitted with downspouts I am draining so badly and that is probably a major contributor to my very sore throat.  SO..let’s see that tomorrow brings. 
I bought all that ice cream yesterday, the premium kind and it tastes like library paste.  Good grief.  Oh well.  This too will pass.  I’m whining more because I don’t usually take a cold.  But it took me instead this time.  So..the pillow was out in the strong 90 degree heat sunshine to air and maybe kill a few germs.  I’ll fill it up with more breathing germs again tonight. 
I’m so glad you liked the picture yesterday.  I sort of got out of the habit I guess.
This is a hummingbird beak being measured along with the rest of her.