No, I can’t truthfully say it’s a zippity doo dah day BUT I am here to live it out despite my water faucet eyes!!! and nose.  I have never seen so many tears run down my face and SPLASH where they hot as I have with this cold.  I go into a sneezing fit, do the little coughing thing and whammo…the faucets turn on.  But I am prepared  I bought 2 boxes of tissues to take the place of the box I just used up.

You know I have an able nursie though so all will be well.  BUT she hinted she’d file a grievance on me for rocking her thoroughly when she is tending to me while sitting or lying on my belly and I get to coughing.  Said I..pardon the expression..catapulted her off in an unseemly fashion.  I am not to disturb her.

No night mares and I slept fairly well in between the little coughing episodes. 

This too shall pass.  Just not quickly.

I have to get up the courage to climb up and clean all the wooden cabinets in the kitchen.  It’s been too long.  If you are taller than me, and everyone is. come on over and help.  Save me climbing up and down the little steps I have.