I was awake due to coughing from that incessant throat tickle from sinus drainage since 0530 BUT!  I do feel better albeit sleepy.  I didn’t let the Boss know I was awake.  That would encourage her to get me up that early. So I laid there till she first stirred at 7.  I dozed in and out so it wasn’t too bad.  However I wanted to say that today food tastes good.  Up till today it was cardboard no matter what it was.  So, while I still have some symptoms- things must be getting better.

Someone on Flickr asked if I had ever considered writing a romance novel.  She said that because of my descriptions for my photos sometimes. I told her I have considered that and rejected it as I just don’t have the formula they want but I do have a good start on a children/young adult novella going.  I need to bring it up and add to it.  The last time I did, I had written myself into a corner and didn’t go see if I could find my way out.  I need to.

I must say..black and white for clothing really suits me.  More than I realized.  My hair is light so I am used to a lot of black.  But doing the combination is very flattering.  Of course something else that I have to keep reminding myself about..wear fitted tops.  Makes a huge difference. No pun intended.  (it makes you less "huge")

Have to go fit the drain pipes back into my nose.  I just had a hot lunch and that triggered a downfall.  Sigh.  See ya later.