That’s meaning "nose".  I still have the irritating little cough in the night and early morning and thru the day from time to time but someone came into the house last night and instilled glue into my nose!  Man.  It’s not running like it was but worse still it has turned into a glue factory or something.  Good grief. And my voice fades in and out.  That sounds like the dickens on the phone.

Other than that..gorgeous day!  Blue blue, and not too humid. We have broken the days 90 and above record.  I think we broke it two days ago.  I believe we have exceeded 78 days with temps 90 and above.  That’s hot, and it’s hot for a long time.  This coming week will also be 90 and above.  I am ready for that to slow down some.

I do believe I am headed over the mountains the weekend of Oct 8th.  Been awhile. I will try not to leave my wallet in the stores.  You know how I am.  One place that I used to go crazy at was Garden Ridge but they no longer have the mix of merchandise that persuaded me to lay my wallet down on the counter and leave it there.  For some inexplicable reason, they have furniture in there now and CLOTHES!  Clothes?  Pul-eeze. There are still some garden things and etc but not the caliber it was.  So..if I miss a visit occasionally, it’s OK. 

If it’s not so gnarly hot when we get there, I might like to go to Belks—the big fancy one that’s their flagship, while there.  That’s the place I reported 3. 4 years ago has folks stationed every 30 feet or so, waiting on you and asking if they can help.  They’re dressed to the 9’s and almost intimidating!    I kept aware I was in jeans and a T.  But, I may ask to go.

Anyhow, I hope it’s been wonderful where you are and that your teams did win on Saturday or if you are not into College football like me, then I hope your team wins on Monday Night Football.