Did those of you who watch it, watch DWTS?  I forgot and was just lucky enough to have been tuned to ABC for noiuse and it came on..so I sat there and watched despite thinking how crappy it was going to be what with the line up they had.  It pretty much was.  Everyone but Audrina Patridge, Brandy and Rick Fox, stank.  Or is it stunk?  No, I don’t think Jennifer Gray did that well yet, Kurt Warner, nice as he is won’t make it long, Margaret Cho either, please..that was horrible.  Kyle Massey, not bad.  We’ll see how that shakes out. Bristol..nope.  Florence..here we go again with the geriatric thing.  What a waste of time. Michael Bolton and The Situation along with Hoff..buh-bye.

I decided to break my TV viewing record and instead of 2 hrs a week only, I added an hour last night and I watched the new Hawaii 5-0.  Not bad..not bad at all.  I think they can put that girl back into the extras or something.  Having the little wisps of girls decking grown men and probably going to out man the men is OLD and not realistic.  Women have just so much strength insofar as brute strength and hitting people are concerned.  That was silly and I wish they’d just chill  on that dumb idea.

Tonight is the results and I wonder if Margaret will be the first to go?