I wasn’t surprised to see Hoff leave last night on DWTS.  He was winded just walking across the floor.  His health can’t be that great considering his propensities.

I hope Margaret Cho is next. And Florence.  Just get it over with.  Then the so called "Situation". Then, after Michael Bolton- maybe there’s hope.

Gosh, I just can’t shake this no get up and go.  That’s not like me at all.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have been getting a lot done though and tomorrow I must remember to go to the Dr. office and get the flu shot. I hope having this cold isn’t going to make me feel badly because of the shot.

Any Gary Larson fans out there?

If this heat would just stop I would be so grateful.  Yes, it’s cool in the house but it is soooo enervating and humid and hot outside.  Stop, already! You go out..immediately your face starts to sweat. 

This weekend is special so I need to get ready for it.