I went for my flu shot..filled out the paper work at the doctor’s office and went over to the nurse.  My Twin said not to get the shot with the hangers on of my cold. So I mentioned it to the nurse who advised waiting for it.  She said sometimes it makes an congestion problems worse.  SO..I came home agaon.  Drat.

Walter from Ireland sent me a dear dear video for my birthday.  I couldn’t stand waiting till that day so I listened to it today.  What a treat.  So loving as that family always is.  We have been connected for several years here on Spaces and their kitty Cleo has her own blog too.  Her dad, Walter is battling an illness right now so she hasn’t blogged lately but I’m confident she will.  It was just a lovely surprise to view and hear that greeting.  We’ve had a phone call occasionally and it is so fabulous to listen to their accent.  I LOVE it!

Anyway..hope it’s been a great day for you all.  It has been for me.  ‘Cept I wish I had the flu shot out of the way.