Good Grief! I decided for the first time EVER to make myself a birthday cake. I have always, till  today, maintained if I had to make it myself, I didn’t want one.  I wanted it ready (tomorrow) so I wouldn’t have to waste time on it when part of the boys are going to be here.  (2 out of  3) (I’ll see the other one when I  go over the mountains in a week.)

I can see why it doesn’t pay for me to make my own cake.  I got startled by the cat’s tail brushing my bare leg (I was in shorts) and at a crucial time, ferrying over the layer from the oven to the counter top, I dropped it onto the floor.  That made a monster crack right thru the layer.  The bottom was already in the cake plate and frosted.  SO..I didn’t mess with trying to switch places or anything else..risking "killing the bottom layer as well.  I just placed the two pieces on top.  When I did, those two split unevenly again, making a layer broken into 4ths.  Sigh.  Oh well, it will taste just as good.  Just it will look like heck.  I prefer yellow cake with chocolate icing, but they like chocolate cake so I made a chocolate cake but compromised and have butter creme frosting on top.  Made it myself. Oh it looks b-a-d.

Oh my gosh..I have my email open as well as this browser and   since I belong to ESPN’s sports site (I am a football nut!)I guess not unsurprisingly,  and I just saw that little "bubble" come up indicating I had an email, and it was from ESPN saying happy birthday.  🙂 That’s funny.

It’s hotter than a firecracker and humid..sigh..going to be that way all day and hot with rain expected the weekend.  Whuppteedoo!

OK.  See ya later, taters.