I was pleased to have the oldest here last night and thru today and also the youngest came over early as well.  I was able to make breakfast for both and they had the usual..bacon and eggs..someone small came out for a shard of bacon.  She got it.

I baked myself a cake as I mentioned.  They took home very generous pieces plus ate a very generous amount here.  Goodness that icing was good,

My Twin, Beth sent me a beautiful Willow sculpture of a praying angel.  I have it showcased with my other Willow angels.  My Sis Caroldee  sent me three gorgeous bracelets with all my fave colors (she let me choose!) I have worn them almost every day since they arrived and today as well.  My youngest, the one who is responsible for my interest in photography gifted me with a new lens for my Nikon.  a 50mm f/1.8D.  That is something I am realllly going to have to get used to.  I took off (of course) the 18-200 and attached this one. Man alive..I was so unused to the relative lightness after hefting around the longer and certainly heavier lens.  My son said this lens doesn’t have a zoom.  You zoom with your feets!  I am trying to get used to the manual focus it requires and it’s a learning curve.  However my usual low light here in the house???  It will largely be cured.  I took some pics of Miss Catt at  f /1.8 and the ISO was 1600.  No flash.  I hardly ever see the on board flash engage.

Anyhoo..my oldest gifted me with a book that he enjoyed so much that he bought a second for me as we are like minded in many regards.  My middle boy send a Discover card which, soon as I use it (gift card) I will take a picture of it for you.  It does not have my name on it.  You’ll see and it is quite usable along with the Starbucks. A woman friend gave me a bracelet with beautiful blue stones in it.  I will get a good coffee when I leave the Salon tomorrow. I got many good wishes from our blog family here, on Blogspot and Face Book and in emails and ecards for which I am truly grateful. 

Love all of you bunches and I never want to see what it’s like not to have you close to heart and hand.