No real surprise in the Spaces announcement. I knew something was coming.  I still wonder why they shortened the comments..what sense was that when they are going to close the blog Space.

For me, I think it’s nice that they offered to port over the blog to word press.  I will get on the ball and finish porting over my blog to BlogSpot and delete this one.  I won’t let this blog go to word press.  I have a blog on word press as it is, I just don’t like their format and so there are only 2 blogs on it.  So, once I have sent the blogs to Blogger, I will delete this one.  It was nice while it lasted.  Sorry they decided to up end the whole thing.  I guess it wasn’t making money.

I hope you will tell me what you in the blog family are going to do when you do it.  That way I may be able to follow you.

If we lose track of one another it will be sad for awhile as we all got into a tight knot and that was fun.  Maybe we won’t unravel too much.  It’s too soon perhaps to make a I won’t say "never" really regarding Word Press no matter what I said in the first paragraph.  but the possibility of sending the blog there is small.  You never know.

Guys..this is kinda sad for me…blog so I’ll quit for now and later in the morning I’ll send another month of blogs over to Blogger.