It is perfection out there as I have said on FB and my blogger blog.  The only purrson who said nothing of the beauty of the day was Herself who spoke of her midnight raids.

I have had a big bowl of my vegetable beef soup I made 2 days ago, each day.  Usually I can’t leave it alone and I have it for lunch and supper.  This time, I thought to take it a little easier.

I made the filling for a pumpkin pie yesterday..and NO crust and wasn’t going to make one.  So I baked the filling in an 8 inch glass square dish and oh is it ever GOOD!  Pumpkin pudding if you will.

It is so perfect out there with the wind, sun, 60’s temps and blue sky that I went out as early as I could get out, took the camera and found the very last colorful flowers left.  Some turned out, and like everyone else, some hit the trash. More hit the trash than did not.

Since I was thrashing around in the bushes again, I tried to go over myself for ticks when I got home.  I shampooed too and just finished flat ironing my hair. 

The girl is here and wants to play so I’ll do my duty and go find her fishing rod.