Here it is, Sunday.

Last evening, I spent moving a lot of where near all I need to in preparation for Tuesday’s painting of the living room.  I am having one wall where the big BIG window is, done in a darker shade.  I hope I don’t regret it but at least I have chosen the least amount of wall area.  The walls a;ready are cream colored.  The one wall will be a maize color.  I won’t like it automatically as I am too used to the same monotonous color all thru the house.  But I’ll adjust eventually.

Getting the stuff out of the big china cabinet that I use to display my gemstone roughs was awful.  I have those settled in a deep pan covered and layered in towels (there are some delicates in there fossils). I had to go thru the horrible overcrowded magazine basket too.  The ad catalogs were just rife!  So those are in the recycle bin.  We get points here where I live by recycling.  The bin is weighed (and there is a bar code on it assigning that bin to your home) when they come collect and you are assigned so many points for the weight of the contents of your bin.  I have already turned mine in 3 times for iTunes cards.  (they have a list of what you can request with your points).  There is everything from food coupons to, as I mentioned, gift cards.  A great deal for we householders.  Plus, they pick it up and you do NOT have to sort!  Single stream they call it.  You pay an extra 5$ a month for this added to your utility bill but you help the environment which is THE most important thing,and you do recover some of that 5$ with the things they offer when you redeem your points.

Had to let the heat come on last night.  Too cold.  😦  Starting to use gas already.  Oh, and mother’s cactus has been in 2 days and nights with the beautiful blooms that stink to high heaven.  The house reeks!

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

By special request of Beth 🙂  Here it is, in the house, reeking up the entire place. Those will open soon..oh, noes..and the other 2 looking bad are done.