The guy who painted came at 8 this morning sharp and left about 1500.  The poor cat never went to her litterbox or food bowl  or water the entire time.  The house was-after all- being invaded and smells to high heaven.  BUT it sure looks better in there.  He painted the living room and the foyer.  BUT too late, I found he doesn’t do baseboards.  I will have to do them myself.  Nope, no idea why before you might ask.  I mentioned nicely that if this happens again with another prospective customer, he should say he doesn’t so anything but the walls.  I said nicely that when one quotes a room price for painting it is usual to paint the baseboards and door facings too, or, he should have told me as that is a new one altogether.  He wound up painting the door facings and jambs.but didn’t do the baseboards.  (personally, that is so silly not to include..I have never heard of such and again, he should have said so.) So, the baseboards are mine to do.  But at least the rest is done.

No one blogging really but I thought for my sons I would come over here as well as my BlogSpot.  ♥