Much of our customer service, no matter what product or company has gone to sites away from this Country.  I have had some very unpleasant experiences with one such operation.  My health insurance has so-called customer service set up in a Country FAR away.  I won’t say here which it is, but I can easily tell.  The three times I have had to call regarding information I could not otherwise find, the persons without fail were curt, condescending and aside from that under the impression that I lacked any type of intellect.  I did get to talk to an American on another matter making that a total of four calls to that organization in a year asking how I could handle (where to go in an emergency) a rather severe eye injury I suffered.  I had called their nurse.  She was extremely curt and while I got the information I needed (holding my eye at the same time in pain) she chided me on not having this information ahead of time and written down.  Yeah, I really needed to be beaten  up over such a !!!grave error!!! on my part, while I was standing there in pain.  Insurance companies don’t have to be nice to you.  They have you by the hair of your head and they know it.

What do you know?  It’s a Wednesday Rant day and it isn’t even Wednesday.