I am up (of course) bright and early (of course) and about to head to the Lab for a fasting blood test.  I am tanking up on black coffee which I don’t care for but you take what you can get.  This is a yearly dealie and the phlebotomist who used to do the stick so well that you were still waiting for it to happen after she was finished, is “promoted” to their Lab record keeping and manager over the little blood drawing fleet, and now, you get the newbies who are still learning.  I just wish I were not among those they are learning on.

I absolutely draw the line on “searching”.  If you are so inexperienced (I shudder thinking of it) that you can’t find veins that everyone else before you could on the first stick, no, you will not search.  I would rather another stick than that.  It makes my stomach roll.  First time (and last) that happened, I had no idea what they were fixing to do. Now I know.  And it’s a firm “Just stick it again.  Don’t search for a vein while under my skin.”  It’s their inexperience as I have perfectly ‘good’ veins.

I’m about to leave..so see you on the other side.  OH!  Can someone pretty please tell me how to add an image?  I clicked add an image, downloaded same from my picture files and nothing happened.  I did that twice. Nothing.  I don’t like WP as it is not intuitive.