I was hurtling down the highway on the way back from the City a few hours ago when my mind turned to just going through memories apparently. All of the memories presented for my inspection seemed to be embarrassing ones or those that would best be forgotten. One came up as I was looking at the clouds in the sky reminding me of THE most embarrassing moment ever that I can remember, bar none.

As Sophia would have said “Picture it. Montgomeryville Pennsylvania back when I was thirteen years old!”
( we were up North for Daddy’s job) Anyway, Daddy had a pilot’s license and he took me for lessons and before very long, I soloed. That’s going up all by yourself, maps and so on firmly clutched and anchored down through all the wind seeping through the two doors and the flimsy windows. That meant going to an agreed upon point and coming back to the airport ( a large grassy field with two runways and hangars along with tie-downs as well, lining the fields’ borders) So..after the pre-flight check/inspection my instructor saw me off onto my very first alone time in the air..part of getting the license. I had a student pilots license then.

There I went down the run way and lift off..up to 400 feet and while still climbing, a gentle turn and rising to 600 feet. Along straight and level for a while and then, still climbing I got to 1000 feet. Turned again and began a slow gentle descent. This went along until I was lined up with the runway and began my actual landing. The aircraft’s nose in the perfect position..RPM’s exactly right..down..down..down..floating in the air until I made a perfect 3 point landing. Then, I taxied to where I had begun and revved the engine a bit in order to turn the plane around to position it for parking as it were. Then, embarrassing disaster,. After all of that just exactly right work on my part, I ran the belly of the plane (a fabric covered 2 seater single engined one) over one of the field markers, metal field marker and tore a good swath out of the belly of the plane.

The owner came out and said not to be so concerned and horrified as he had insurance. Me..I had to go home and tell Daddy. (one of his friends had taken me out there to do my scheduled solo flight..he was at work).

I thought he would be mad but instead, I don’t think I have ever before or sense ever heard him laugh like that!

Anyway it was awhile before I could get over the embarrassment enough to go on back out there. Luckily it was not recorded in my log book which I saved and still have.

There you are..a day in the life.