My yearly full blood test showed good numbers except a slight elevation in cholesterol.  Instead of  94, it traveled up to over a hundred.  I know why and I am taking steps to knock it back down.  I just went to the dickens years back when I quit smoking  and apparently, I haven’t quit compensating for no cigarettes by eating more treat-like foods so he urged me to shed the 18 pounds I gained.  Oh OK then!  Gees,  Can’t have any fun at all.

So, I had veggies (which I love) for supper tonight and I was careful during the day.  I find when I log what I eat, I do better.

Meanwhile, the small Mrs. that lives here has gone 3 weeks over her usual “HAVE to go” times to the V-E-T.  She is starting to itch more so I would say this week for certain.  Oh man.  I just wish there was someone here to distract her and help get her in that carrier.

I managed to win three Scrabble games this past week or so.  However, I was thrashed again today but not as soundly.  Not that much of a point spread.

I heard from a delightful and lovely lady who wrote the poem that I included in a blog a year or so ago called “Hold Fast the Summer”.  She came upon that particular blog and commented on it a few days ago.  I had accidentally mis-spelled her last name by transposing the last two letters.   It was about us having to let our boys go to their own lives..this is just loosely speaking. What a delight it was to hear from her and she is sending me a book of poems she wrote herself.  I can hardly wait.  I really enjoy things like that. I was so sorry that mis-spell happened, but she was gracious about it.

Just stopping in..I have been to several of you all’s blogs on WP.

She’s playing with one of my sons..a fishy on a string.