Bad luck with the trunk’s locking mechanism, both the lock assembly itself as well as the manual lever and cable thingy inside the car both died all at once.  By the time all is said and done, $289.00 for parts, LABOR!!!! and our horrifying 10% sales tax.  What a time of year for this to happen.

Meanwhile I have an appointment to take the cat in at 0900 tomorrow.  I HOPE I can sneak up on her while she is asleep on my bed..I hope.  I can’t take her too much later as I won’t be here  to take her later, that is after early afternoon, and won’t be home till well their hours.  She needs her allergy shot, but she also needs her 6 month work-up of her blood tests.

I have been doing alright on my campaign to eat less..but most of all I am staying away from sweets.  I find I do better of I just don’t really have any of the good stuff.  I made a pan of brownies for the oldest tomorrow evening..his stay here till Saturday noon, and I cut up half the pan of brownies and took them next door.  I never tried any, I won’t try any.  It’s like smoking.  If I started with that first drag, I’d smoke the whole thing.  best not to eat sweets.  I do have some not hardly sweet at all German butter cookies.  They are made in Germany, taste heavenly and I can have 6 wafer thin ones for 130c.  I have them with my black tea.  That’s my only treat.  I’m not trustworthy with real cookies, cakes, pies, etc.  I do have some big grapes though.  Nummy.

Hope all is well where you are.  Cold here.