Poor cat had to go to the v-e-t.  She had her twice yearly blood test and her T4 levels are excellent.  She had her allergy shot and she feels tons better BUT she had to have her anal glands expressed and that hurt her.  What hurts her hurts me too.  Just like with my human kids.  Furkids are also loved.  BUT she will feel so much better now.

I made a roasted chicken with red potatoes dish for supper…OH.MY.WORD,  is it EVER good.  If you want the recipe it’s on my Blogger blog.

I changed to this format here so I could make snow fly.  I had the very plain background but I changed to blue to see the snow widget.  However, now I can’t see my archival blogs back to 2005.  Anyone have a clue how I can see them?  I never DID have a clue so my request should come as no surprise.

Here is a MAD Miss Catt aka The Admiral.  She was holding down the bed and warming it up for my oldest who will spend the night with us.  But when I took that awhile ago, she was still mad at me for catching her and taking her to the vet for all those procedures.