Man, did you know that a chicken fingers platter with french fries and coleslaw is 1770 calories?  This is at a restaurant whose name starts with A.  I had the chicken and the coleslaw but I asked them to leave off the fries as I never eat them anyway.  So, my lunch was about a thousand calories.  I will definitely think that over next time.  They changed their menu choices again.  You never know what they’ll have.  And I didn’t want a giant huge burger that you have to unhinge your jaw to get a bite of.  Don’t like salads (I know..that’s un American) so unless I wanted a steak (no, not for lunch) or a gigantor burger or was chicken fingers.  When I got home, I went to their website and whoa nelly!  BUNCHA calories.

So glad that we had snow showers yesterday.  PRETTY.  We enjoyed being out in them. But I have a bunch of things to get accomplished this morning and I am in the process of getting ready to go out.  It’s up to 26 degrees now.  Scraping will be in order. 😉

Happy that Kea tried the recipe I put in the blog several days ago and she also put it in her blog. I swear, it’s one of the better tasting foods I have ever made.  The youngest is coming to dinner Wednesday so I get to smell that heavenly smell again and best of all, have some more.  All of the mentioned spices are dried.  Just take them out of the bottles.

The Admiral had a rough couple of days and she has already posted today.  So I need to get over there and assist her in  visiting her friends.