Whoa, it’s COLD!  16 degrees when I woke up this morning and it has risen to a munificent 26 degrees mid afternoon.

I will have the youngest son over tonight after his work so that I can feed him that great roasted chicken and red potato dish I have been blogging about.  Anyone who has made it or tasted it, loves it.

Also, he said he will look at a problem I seem to be having,  NO spy ware or other things i.e. Trojan horses, etc can be found on my computer BUT spam seems to be going out using MY address, the private one that I don’t use for blogs, to one person so far.  She seems to be getting maybe 10 a day.  She forwarded them to me.  SHE has no results on her scans so it’s not sending malware.  However, if it is indeed using my name and it sure looks like it, I may have to change my email name on my main account and change the password.  We’ll see.

Any one of you that does hear from me from my private account, please let me know by forwarding the spam supposedly from me.