The weather folks said it would snow today and indeed it is doing so.  Fast and furious with a decent wind whipping out there.  It certainly seems that I will not be going to church.  I live on the highest point in my town and getting up all the hills is no joke when it snows.  Getting to work  was always by the kindness of others who had 4 wheel drive.

The cat may actually be better today.  She did announce the world news at 4 in the morning BUT she ceased with her protestations until 0530.  Then, she was rather insistent but finally quit until 0615.  THAT is an improvement.  It has been very hard on me to see her suffering in what I feel is a reaction to the flea drops.  As you may recall, the Vet thought that it would be good to give her the drops year around even though she is strictly indoor as visitors and pet sitters have occasionally infested her and our home with their own animal’s fleas who hitched a ride.  I will henceforth deal with them as they happen.

The drops have also had an effect on me.  My petting her (and it should have been safe to do so) has resulted in a reaction on my own skin.  NOT good.

I  will clean house today as it seems I am in for the day.  Hope it’s a good one for you all.