Too many many weeks and months of short sleeps.  It is almost 2100 and I do believe I am headed to bed.  If I am going to hear the Meow Horn starting at 5, I need to get a head start.

Some folks including me wonder how I stand it.  I only think how much I know she loves me and shows it and I remember that she is taking meds..and most of all, I can’t imagine life without her although one day when she runs off to the Rainbow Bridge, I will have to learn how to live without her just as I did with my Robin.  I can barely get past the first two lines without tears.

Meanwhile, my eyes are burning.  OH, before I leave, my Christmas dinner will be this:

Honey Baked Ham

Fried Apples (I am from the South, remember)

Candied Yams

Macaroni and cheese

My own homemade broccoli casserole.

My Orange cake with Orange icing.