Two of the boys will be here tomorrow and I expect them early afternoon.  A request for sloppy joes has been made and we will certainly have that!

I got the honey baked ham from the Honey Baked Ham store today.  $56.00 for an 8 pound ham.  It’s spiral cut and oh my word..when I opened it up to look at it,  the outside of the entire ham is coated with a crunchy looking honeyed coating.  The spiral slices are precise and yummy looking and the fragrance, what a delicious smell.  I can hardly wait.

I already told you what we’re having.  Seth..hurry up will you?  You need to stake out your claim at the table.

I am headed one more time to the store.,  Either tonight or tomorrow.  I need more shredded cheddar cheese than I though and a few other things in case we get snowed in up here on my hill.  They said a 40% chance for snow on Christmas.  that would be fine if I didn’t have to be concerned for the other sons to make it here on Christmas day.  I live on the highest point of town and on a hill (like I needed to say’s obvious).

Other than that, there is not a lot to say and what I’ve said could have waited, that’s certain.

Oh, I get HER her Christmas present already out.  She got a smooshy mooshy new bed and a pressed glass bowl for her dry food.  I already put out her new bed and she’s not impressed.  She’s usually on my bed or the rocking chair anyway.

Hope all is going the way it should be with you.  Linda..your Dad will be there any minute I bet!