I haven’t been here due to family here until yesterday near noon.  And Miss Catt aka the Admiral is very sick.  She went back to the vet yesterday and the extra fluids the infused helped a lot as well as the pill they gave her to tempt her appetite.

It has been joyful with the family here but underlying fear from my sweet girl.  She will go again Monday for a possible fluid infusion again and another pill to keep her eating.

Tomorrow is total clean up day.  The house is filthy as I saw no need to clean up more than dishes and beds until all were back home.  It annoys folks and besides, what good does it do?  Best to wait.

We had that ham I spoke of for Christmas and my orange cake was DEELISHUSH!

I hope you all had a wonderful New years Eve and certainly a warm and enjoyable Christmas spent with family or friends. Ours was fabulous.  Family makes it all worth while.

Happy New Year to each of you in my blog family.  I am so glad to have you as friends and blog family.