I know it doesn’t seem as awful to readers as it does to me, but the cats health is still on the line and that colors and affects everything I do and how I feel.

We will head off again to the Vet for another appetite pill and for a water boost.  I wish I knew when she will return to normal, or will she?  Going every few days to the Dr. for a push just isn’t a quality life for her.  But I am sure not saying I am ready to give her up.

Since that’s all I can focus on right now, I’ll give it up.

I was thinking of the year to come.  I don’t and haven’t made resolutions in years.  It’s a waste of effort in my opinion.  But the year on review is a topic I might spend some time thinking of before the day is done.  I had several firsts.  One not good at all and several others were.  That’s how you live life..with whatever you’re served up.  You look at it, size it up, try it on and get busy dealing.

Thank you for the visits.  I appreciate it a lot.