I think Miss Catt turned the proverbial corner with the administration of that pill to enhance her appetite.  She has kept it up regardless that she was sue another today.  She had a good lunch and supper last night of her own food..and again today.  Decent water consumption..not great but decent.  Most of all she is playing a bit and noisier.  I like that now..I didn’t before she got sick.  So, I will monitor her closely and we will keep dealing day by day will she is normal again.

Heck of a way to start the new year and end the old one.  She is a family member after all. 🙂

I am eager for Spring when I can get out and take more flower pictures and landscapes.  Something I only told my Twin and Sis in Australia is:  While crawling around in the bushes , literally crawling through them and kneeling for my extreme closeup shots of insects and flowers..the worst happened and I was bitten by a tiny “seed” tick, and however many days later, I saw the telltale red bulls eye of Lyme Disease.   I hurried immediately to an Emergency Clinic so I could be treated that morning.  I saw the bull’s eye marking when I scratched an itchy spot on my deltoid (arm) muscle.  I was taken in and treated with 21 days of a certain medication that caused quite a disruption in how I was going to get thru the day.

It was all worth it and I don’t have Lyme Disease any longer.  I didn’t tell you because I just wanted to worry about it pretty much by myself.  After that, you can be sure I have been covered with long sleeves and insect repellent regardless of the sweat pouring off of me in the hot sun and humidity.  I sure got some of my best pictures that time.  July 17th. So that was what happened to me in 2010.   I think I will include a photo taken that day although many of you have seen it in Flickr or perhaps I went ahead and posted a few of my better ones on my blog at Blogspot.

I want to tell each of you who have been with me through the cat’s health scare how extraordinary that is to me and her) and I deeply appreciate and cherish that care and support and in some cases, the love.

And love back to you, my dear friends.