Good grief!  We just don’t get snow like this but we are fixing to have a weeks worth starting yesterday.  We’ll get some but not like this! Last year was bad for snow too.

Actually, when it’s a non photographer going with you to take pictures..or to be more precise, taking you..then it’s certain they do not understand about lighting and the sun in particular.  I knew the sun would be bad after 1030 but my “ride” didn’t show up until 1430. By the time we got there it was 1530 and the sun was blazing right into the camera..had I taken the camera out that is.  So the opportunity was wasted and it never got done.  Taking pictures in bright sun from 1100-1700..just never look very good.  But mind, I do landscapes and flowers.  For people photos..I would imagine the rule still applies for optimal light and no shadows, but..I don’t take people pictures.

For those who wondered, that was a Mexican Hat wild flower I put there for you a few days ago.  Several folks asked.  I love the things.  I have several representations of them in my Flickr Photostream.

Someone wants to play!  So I will go back and wave her feather wand.