I am snowed up to the hilt here from the fresh snow that started again last night thru mid morning but..I am so scared for the cat I came down off my hill anyway to get her to the Vet for a sub Q and to have her pill administered.  The part where those of you who have kept her and me as well in prayers is the following:  Prayers at work.  I called the Vet office and it was answered by my very own Vet who said ” Yes, Mrs. —– How’s Miss Catt?”

Then, he told me they were closed..no one there but him and he was leaving after seeing a few animal patients and just glanced at the caller ID.  I told his  how frightened I was and he offered to stay and wait for me if I could make it down my hill.  I was scared to death but she means more than my fright.  So, I had already shoveled the driveway, the snow plow had come past and remember, we are on a high high place and hillS here.  I scooped her up..not hard she was so weak..and off we went thru the snow and ice.  I made it with my heart in my throat.  he saw her and she’s had fluids, her appetite enhancer pill  and if it works as well as it did the other time..she will eat.

So I am standing by to see what happens.  But it was not just fate that had the Vet there,,him actually answering the phone and calling mine and her name..it was prayer at work.  I feel better knowing she got to go..I was able to take action and he said on leaving with me that he felt better knowing he could try to help.

Thank you who tried so faithfully to help us.  You mean the world to me and you know who you are.