Thank you so much for reading my angst about my sick pet.  Your patience means so much as do your good wishes.

She is eating like a construction worker after having had that pill.  She is supposed to go again tomorrow for another and hopefully she will continue to eat.  I imagine they will want to not give her one after that to see if she will just continue to be normal on her own.  That is our hope.

Meanwhile we are supposed to NOT have anything other than snow flurries tomorrow and Friday is supposed to be a sunny day after 9 days of snow and gloom.  I can hardly wait for Spring.  I so miss wandering with the camera taking my flower and nature pictures.

Look what I bought myself (but gave it to the cat!) (who ignored it).  Why would I buy myself a doggie or kitty toy and it being a stuffed tick?  To laugh and commemorate my having been cured of the Lyme disease I got June 18th last summer.

You guys sleep well..I thank you again for the support and love. ♥