This is Miss Catt…aka The Admiral speaking.  Guess what?  My new quilt and my new birdy both came in the mail today.  they were made JUST for me.  I am thrilled with the beautiful quilt.  It has butterflies all over it, and it’s quilted and it has MY name on it, Admiral Hestorb (my bloggie) and it was road tested by Ms. Stella O’Houligan, a venerable 15 year old Grand Dame Lady Cat who lives with her mom and a few other beautiful specimens of felininity and a pretty human  daughter of the house.

She got a quilted birdy too and she laid right down and bunny kicked it.  She ‘investimagated’  all of the catnip smells coming from her new quilt and knows from a picture she got that Ms. Stella O’Houilgan road tested it before it was mailed.

The Admiral says this quilt is gloriously feminine, just like her!  And personalized too.  She’s so happy she’s taking a nap.