That book entitled Jelly Side Down..Erma Bombeck I think it was who authored it, is really true as we each of us know. You would think that with the law of averages the worst possible outcome wouldn’t always seem to happen but the jelly side down rule supersedes the law of averages.

Yesterday, I reached for a tube of lipstick in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and voila! straight to the commode..hitting the seat first to knock the lid case off of it and from there, into the water..and smearing red on the porcelain for good measure. Fish it out, toss it to the trash and of course, it bounces off the rim and hits the tile instead and makes additional red smears.

Position the cat’s steps just slightly off from where they usually are at the desk..just a mistake of perhaps two inches..voila! separate your baby toe from the rest of your toes. Not once but every time you pass it no matter how careful you think you are. Finally move it. Now it’s only in the way but your bare feet are safe.

Pick up your Tylenol for one of those, and the bottle slips through your boneless seeming fingers to scatter half a million tablets onto the floor where you scramble to get them up before your pet ingests one.

Drop a glass of milk. It paints the ceiling, the floor, you, the cabinets, the walls, the appliances with not one square inch left unscathed. Amazing phenom. If it’s a half gallon, you may as well close the doors of the house and move.

I have more examples but you so too so I will leave you in peace with the thought that no good deed goes unpunished. That’s a whole ‘nother blog though, ain’t it?