The cat has taken over my brand new office chair.  I’m not kidding.  I can hardly get any time in it.  When I leave it and come back, she’s in it.  This is more often than not.  It’s always warm from her furred self lying in it for hours!  I don’t have the heart to move her or disturb her unless it was/is an emergency.  I can’t believe how she LOVES this thing.  I am in it now (she had to go to the litterbox) and she came strolling in..saw me in it..waited and then, left.  But she’ll be back, believe me.

She hasn’t felt well for so long that I do over indulge her, that is true.  Especially with the last month where she ceased eating and drinking hardly at all, until there was medical intervention.  We are not giving her another pill till we see how she does without one, now that she has had a couple weeks of solid eating and regained a little weight.

Meanwhile, I will take an early shower and what do you say the chances are that when I emerge from the bathroom, this chair WILL be occupied?