Some folks just seem to be determined to take anything that anyone says as an offense.  Even when nothing was said to them, about them, or in reference to them.  That has only happened to me three times since I have been blogging and all three times I was just blown away by the unfairness of their accusation, the vitriol with which that accusation was made and the amazing determination to fit themselves in to a corner that was never there to begin with.  I guess those folks just think they are so amazing that they’re on everyone’s mind at any given second.   Just thought I would mention it.

In other news, the kitty seems to be eating and drinking normally after 7 full days off the appetite pill.  I am very grateful.  🙂  I hope she can keep it up.  She is so wary of being taken to the Vet again that with the exception of yesterday, when she played most of the day and had fun, she is usually parked under a bed where I can’t get her to take her to the bad place as she sees it.  Someone in her blog likened it to post traumatic stress syndrome and in a way, I believe that’s right.

Not many seem to know I’m here so I seem to be coming back here maybe twice a week or so.  But today’s topic has been in my mind and so I thought I would mention it.